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model Xandrey Desray
Xandrey Desray

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fotograafGeverifieerd lid Afri-futurism / afro-futurism
David | Zuid-Holland | 794 keer bekeken. Geplaatst op 23-01-2022.

Afrifuturism / Afrofuturism

This is a longer term project, not a single shoot.
I'd love to explore afrofuturism / afrifuturism with a number of models (any gender/age), make-up artists, stylists, digital artists and any other creatives.
Should it all be about afronauts? Probably not, since one part of imagining this future is to portray a strong, unapologetic identity and self-esteem without appeasing cultural imperialism, basically. But afronauts are welcome, of course!
Now, I do recognize that I am (very) white. I hope this shouldn't be much of an issue since I'm mostly just holding the camera and would minimise my influence on the style choices. Even then of course, some of my style choices might be influenced by my own heritage. I propose we'll deal with that along the way.

If you're interested to explore and collaborate, send me a DM. Some of the attached photos are mine, others inspirational examples.

Timeline: throughout the year. Starting with simpler ideas now, we can work towards bigger and more elaborate shoots in the future.
Compensation: Photos, Time for Print/Portfolio (TFP) using a contract
Age and gender: any (participants under 18 must bring a guardian or parent or such)
Location: I'm in The Hague but we can also shoot in other locations, including outside when the weather permits it.


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