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Sara Conesa Llorente

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Lid sinds 24 februari 2017
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Talenkennis : Nederlands, Engels, Spaans

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NaamSara Conesa Llorente

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Over Sara Conesa Llorente

I work as a freelance make up artist and I would like to have the chance to do photo shoots with good teams, ideally including models + photographers + stylists + hairdressers. I can adapt easily depending on what is needed and the situation, and I tend to give a chance to everyone regardless of their level of experience.

I have a 10 months old baby that I bring along wherever I go, and that includes photo shoots. If you have an issue with that then please consider working with me only during the weekends. I will only arrange a sitter if it is a paying shoot and no more than 3 hours (including transportation time).


I've worked in numerous photoshoots, both high and low key, with some of the pictures published in paper and online magazines. I work in studio and outdoors, with enough time and preparation everything is possible.



I'm very creative and will voice my opinion freely unless told to not do so. I prefer to work on unique/out-of-the-box ideas instead of the more generic ones, but if I've got the time and energy I'll pretty much say yes to whatever comes by =)


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